About 栄弥 -SAKAEYA-

For over half a century, Onsen Guesthouse 栄弥 -SAKAEYA- (formerly known as Sakaeya Ryokan) has been in business in the onsen town of Ousyuku.

We strive to provide our guests with a nostalgic guesthouse with a retro feeling, which has been loved for many years in the onsen town of Ousyuku, nestled in the heart of the Morioka region of Iwate Prefecture.

The highlight of 栄弥 -SAKAEYA- is our kakenagashi onsen. While more and more onsens throughout Japan use filtering and treatment to artificially alter their water, the waters of a kakenagashi onsen flow directly from the earth and into the baths. The waters of our kakenagashi onsen constantly replenish our baths, and are treated minimally, giving our guests an experience of an authentic onsen.

In addition to relaxing in the natural waters of our onsen, we invite you to enjoy our expertly prepared cuisine with ingredients sourced from the local Shizukuishi area, while experiencing the beauty of Japan’s four seasons.

We look forward to your visit!

About Ousyuku Onsen

Legend has it that the therapeutic waters of the area were known to heal the scratches of the nightingale bird, and thus the name Ousyuku was born.

The name Ousyuku comes from two Japanese characters, 鶯 (ou) meaning nightingale bird and 宿 (syuku) meaning inn or hotel.

Ousyuku Onsen is an all-natural sulfur hot spring. Ousyuku area baths feature ornately tiled walls which must be carefully washed with a brush daily. 栄弥 -SAKAEYA- also employs this method in order to provide you with truly satisfying bathing experience.

Come and enjoy the traditional onsens of Ousyuku Onsen, which have long since been known as the playground of the Morioka area.

* Please be aware that because of the high mineral content in our all-natural waters, metallic parts in our bath tend to corrode every few months. We regularly maintain and change these parts and ask for your understanding for any delays or closures this work causes.

The Pride of 栄弥 -SAKAEYA-


Onsen of 栄弥 -SAKAEYA- is the KAKENAGASHI ONSEN. The waters of a kakenagashi onsen flow directly from the earth and into the baths.

Ingredients straight from the farm

Sakaeya is proud to be recognized for sourcing local produce of the finest quality from the nearby Shizukuishi area.

Seafood straight from the source

Seafood is an indispensable part of Japanese cuisine. At Sakaeya, our seafood comes directly from the source in order to provide you with the finest quality seafood at a reasonable price.

Japanese Style Rooms

Constructed with aromatic Japanese cypress, these rooms have a traditional wooden interior, and the coffered ceilings Japanese sunken panel construction give the room an elaborate and ornate touch.

Landscape of Ousyuku

Enjoy a soothing view of the nature surrounding Ousyuku Onsen. In addition, cool river breeze enters even in summer, you can comfortably stay in nature.

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